Equity & Opportunity

Climate & Culture

Indicators of climate & culture:
Percent of chronically absent students.
Percent of students with at least one in-school suspension.
Percent of student with at least one out-of-school suspension.
Student and teacher perceptions of respectful relationships.

About this data

Climate and culture measures consist of students who are chronically absent, have had an in- or out-of-school suspension, and perceptions about respectful relationships in the school.

Student chronic absenteeism is defined as missing 10% of days, equivalent to 18 days, or more during the school year. Data is collected by RIDE. In the 2020-21 school year student absenteeism increased substantially, most likely due to student absences related to COVID-19 protocols.

Suspension data is provided by the Rhode Island Department of Education. The data reflects the rate of number of suspensions per 1000 students with at least one in-school and/or at least one out-of-school suspension during the school year. Students can receive more than one disciplinary action during the school year. Suspensions are used for minor offenses, such as use of electronics, and for more serious offenses, such as weapon possession. In 2016, the Rhode Island General Assembly passed a law that restricts the use of out-of-school suspensions to situations when a child’s behavior poses a demonstrable threat that cannot be dealt with by other means. The data demonstrates a decline in out-of-school suspensions during this timeframe.

Student and teacher perceptions of respectful relationships are measured through SurveyWorks, a statewide school culture and climate survey that solicits feedback from educators, students, and families about strengths and challenges in their school communities. For this measure responses are from the 3rd-5th and 6th-12th grade surveys and the teacher survey. There was a significant increase in 2021 in the percent of both students and teachers who feel relationships are respectful. Additional information about Surveyworks can be found here.

Chronic Absence

In-School Suspensions

Out-of-School Suspensions

Student-Teacher Relations