Equity & Opportunity

Opportunity Gap

Measure of gaps in achievement and growth on state assessments by subgroups.

About this data

The Rhode Island Growth Model (RIGM) is a statistical model that measures each student’s academic growth based on state assessment results. Growth is expressed in Student Growth Percentiles (SGP). A student growth percentile describes a student’s current achievement relative to his/her academic peers who scored similarly on previous state assessments. For example, a student with an SGP of 80, showed more growth between state assessments than 80 percent of his or her academic peers. Percentiles range from 1 to 99 – a higher percentile is better, but a low percentile still signifies growth.

Rhode Island students have seen a sharp decline in SGP since 2019. The decline is more pronounced in math, and is seen across all student groups regardless of grade level and demographics.

NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic testing was not administered in the 2019-20 school year, which is why data are not presented for 2020.

RICAS ELA Student Growth

RICAS Math Student Growth