Stay(ing) the Course

An update on Rhode Island's Path to a World Class Public Education System

Our continuing commitment

Our collective goal of creating a world-class public education system in Rhode Island will be linked, in large part, to the ability of a broad range of stakeholders to remain committed to sustaining the specific priorities and strategies identified in the original Chart a Course, Stay the Course vision.

By committing to creating and maintaining this data dashboard, we are helping to ensure that data remains at the center of the implementation, sustainability, and accountability, and that we remain committed to tracking disparities and ensuring equity is centered in all of our work. This site will be updated annually in the spring with additional updates added as necessary.

The original Chart a Course, Stay the Course document was published in January 2020, and envisioned as a ten-year plan by the Foundation-convened Long Term Education Planning Committee. Stay(ing) the Course is a two-year progress report intended to indicate where we, as a state, are in meeting the priorities, strategies, and suggested next steps that were identified by the Committee, as well as to serve as a call to action for strategic change. In this document, you will find status updates on the priorities and strategies recommended in the original report.

The full Stay(ing) the Course report is available here.